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Barabar                  बराबर                    برابر 

Barabar, which literally translates to ‘equal’, focuses on a community-centered contextual approach to design and move towards more egalitarian futures for those systemically pushed to the margins. 


Our Story

We met at the School of Design in Ambedkar University Delhi in 2018 and have since dabbled in endless conversations, discussions, arguments, disagreements, agreements, and questions about what Design means to us. 


What does it mean to 'Decolonise Design'?

What role does Design have in social justice?

If, when, how, and why do we want to use Design in our communities? 

How can we use Design to build capabilities rather than serve capitalism?
Where do we take these and the countless other questions we have about Design?

In 2021, Barabar came to be as a space where we indulge in these and many more conversations and experiments about Social Design in India. We work with local communities and collectives, non-profit organizations, artists, designers, activists, and anyone else who would like to be a part of these conversations.

We can be contacted at barabarfutures(at) 

Meet The Team


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