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The Rights Market

Speculative Futures Art/ Design

The Rights Market critically engages with the (non)universality of human rights in an increasingly digital and capitalist world, wherein it is easier to imagine the end of human rights, than the end of capitalism.


Leading a Life of Dignity in the Post-COVID World 

Community-centered Research and Co-design

Looking at the various life stages of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, this research project explores what it means to have an Intellectual & Developmental disability in India.



Community building, Community reflection

Khudnagri is a community building space which invites people to look deeply at their own social location and contribution towards oppressive systems through art. 


Fursat ki Fizayen

Community Mural 

This project involved co-designing a mural with a local community for a space designed for women's leisure. 

Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 10.44.04 PM.png

The Social Fabric

Speculative Fiction Graphic Novel

This mixed media graphic novel takes us through one day in the life of Suman, a disgruntled employee working in the Fabrication Department in MARO Enterprises, in a world where emotions are controlled through genetically modified clothing.

farmers logo.png

Farmers Movement Archive

Visual Identity 

Farmers Movement Archive is an archive of varied information from the Indian Farmers Movement, 2020-2021. Barabar designed the logo and visual identity for the Archive. 

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