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The Social Fabric

Speculative Future, Satire, Comic, Storytelling


Kochi Biennale Foundation, Sarnath Banerjee

The Social Fabric is a speculative fiction
comic conceptualised and designed during ‘The Redundant Fact-checker’
2020 - of the Kochi Biennale Foundation. The comic, which is a work-in-progress, takes us into the life of Suman in a near distant future where emotions are controlled through genetically modified clothing.

Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 9.57.52 AM.png

In 2025, Most Accountable and Responsible Organization or MARO, with the support of the national leader Baba Bowli Nath, has become the single largest employer in India. MARO is instrumental in increasing polarisation between the two largest communities, cricket lovers (followers of Baba bowlinath) and football lovers. Through their Fabrication department, MARO has developed genetically modified garments which have the power to influence human emotion. Suman is an ambitious young woman who has recently joined the customer service wing in the Fabrication department.


The comic tells the tale of a critical day in Suman's new job, a day when she could single-handedly change the future of the world.

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The comic will be published shortly. 

More information here:

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